Wedding Preparation

The days and hours leading up to the wedding were somewhat busy. Everyone lent a hand on the big day, though, and things came together quite nicely. Here are a few pictures of who all helped, and what was being done right up till the time of the wedding.

Practicing with the petals

More practice... with cameras

Getting the baloons ready

Girls figuring out the logistics

Everyone pitched in, family and friends

Contributing a little hot air.

Abu, Fjord, and Bubbles

Setting the mood, the harp starts to play

Joanna getting the final touches on the cake

'It's just a tie, Aduma, it won't kill you'

Another use for Christmass lights

Sean, demonstrating the proper method

Last minute touches, knew we were forgetting something

Danae's family: Andrew, Elaine, Katie, Daniel, Bethany, Evelyn, Joy, Marlin, Joel, Daryl, & Merlin

Sam's family: Susanna, Marvel, Hal, & Serena

More practice?

Bride & Groom with the handsome Ring Bearer & lovely Flower Girl

Now, there's a job that they can handle

Everything's ready, bring it on.

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